Scott Sample

“Initio has done a number of very successful campaigns with Wendy that most red blooded producers would run from, she has always done a great job of keeping deadlines and budgets key to success. Wendy not only keeps budgets and deadlines in place, but also keeps the creatives focused and harnessed, not unlike herding cats.”

Bob Hest

"Wendy Johnson is an exceptional producer. She is direct, honest, and extremely well organized. We recommend her without reservation; she is a joy to work with.”

Ron Sackett

“Wendy brings order to the chaos. When what can go wrong does go wrong, she digs in and makes things right. Her savvy and temperament have moved hundreds of our projects from good to great.” ...and that’s the truth!

Craig Roads

“I’ve worked with Wendy both as an agency staffer, and as a freelancer. She’s a great person to have on your side when the chips are down, and she’s a delight to work with.”

Gregg Byers

“She’s one step ahead.”

Roger Sackett

“I can truly say that Wendy is one of those people that when you turn to her and ask her for something... she's already done it! Wendy is dedicated, detailed, and hard working. She takes on projects with vigor and enthusiasm. Plus she's lot's of fun! How many agency producers do you know that own a big pick-up truck if you need it? She makes the best Special K bars in the industry!”

Pam Luer

“Wendy has been a great asset to our business. With a smile, Wendy shows up with a can do attitude, every time, for every project. Wendy is a hardworking enthusiastic team player that is a joy to work with. We are very grateful to work with her.”

Paul Schupanitz

“Having worked with Wendy on projects big and small, I know she not only sees the big picture, but takes care of the details. In addition, she is a real pleasure to work with.”

Mike Stalcar

“Wendy is simply the best. Every base is covered, no detail is overlooked. When Wendy is running the show, you know she’s got everyone's back. And what else can you say about that million dollar smile!”

Steve Harley

When Wendy Johnson brings a project to us, I know the details that make everyone’s life easier will not go unattended. Wendy brings professionalism, skill and a personal touch to every session. Look up “producer” in the dictionary – there’s Wendy’s picture!

Kim Thelen

“It’s so easy to put a project in Wendy’s hands because not only is it always done right; it’s also always done on time. Wendy worries about the details so her clients don’t have to. She’s truly the best!”

Kathryn Grimes

“Wendy was a key partner in overhauling our department’s processes, clarifying work roles and job descriptions, and helping find the project management software that best fit our needs. As we’ve implemented these changes, I’ve gone to her repeatedly to tap her rare combination of industry knowledge, technical expertise and sensible advice.”

Nancy Sabin

"Wendy's ability to develop, produce and deliver a first-rate nonprofit video was superb. Her attention to detail, her ability to envision what is needed before it is needed is amazing. We received much more than we paid for in terms of quality and creativity. I highly recommend Wendy and encourage others to use her services."

Joan Meath

“Wendy and I have worked together over 20 years now, at agencies and as freelancers. I’ve worked with plenty of good producers during that time, but Wendy brings something extra to everything she does. She’s my back up memory when I need it (and I often do), a great problem solver and just an all-around pleasure to work with and hang out with. Smart, buttoned-up, and fun. The perfect combo.”

Michelle Hutchison

“Wendy Johnson has the uncanny ability to organize the myriad of details while strategizing the multiple needs ahead. She is generous with her time and efforts while keeping a cool head in the trenches. She is a rarity in her positive approach and a delight to work alongside- I trust her with any project I can throw her way!”

Ruth Harvey

"The fact that Wendy Johnson has been a friend and colleague for more than 20 years makes working with her always a delight. But it is Wendy's calm professionalism and sunny demeanor that gets you through those inevitable tense moments that happen on most any project. Everyone in town knows Wendy and to know her is to love her."